U.S. CRUISER  9/11 theme car

About Us

The  U.S. CRUISER was painted and designed to bring people closer together . UNITED  WE  STAND in honoring the memories of the innocent victims whose lives were lost in the tragedies at THE MURRAH FEDERAL BUILDING in Oklahoma City , THE WORLD TRADE CENTER in New York , and THE PENTAGON in Washington D.C.

For those who had family or loved ones that perished , you should know we will never forget those events . What happened that day will forever live on even though the debris has been cleared away . Although we may have not known the victims personally , they will forever be in our hearts and we will remember them in our prayers . GOD BLESS  AMERICA  AND OUR TROOPS !

I'll like to give special thanks to the WICHITA COUNTY CORVETTE ASSOC  for the wonderful  American Music  presented to the U.S. Cruiser at the 2010 World Of  Wheels , Wichita Falls , Texas